For Roger Federer, the Rest is History

In 2013, Roger Federer was struggling with chronic back pain, leading to the first tennis season in 15 years where he wasn’t featured in a Grand Slam Final. By 2016 Federer was sidelined with a knee injury that required surgery and that’s when the questions around the sporting world began: would Federer ever win another Grand Slam?

Fast forward to 2017, when something surprising happened. At the age of 35 Federer turned back the clock – he won the Australian Open followed by Wimbledon, in totally dominating fashion. He defended his Australian Open win in 2018. How was this possible at the age of 36?

Rumors emerged that Roger Federer had discovered a secret weapon to preserve his stamina, accelerate his recovery, sharpen his quickness, and keep his mind agile. Rumors were that this secret weapon was so impactful that Roger refused to talk about it. The secret weapon was Federer’s relentless focus on sleep.

In 2017 at Wimbledon, Federer even rented two houses – one for his family and team and one for himself – in order to get 12 hours per day. In a sport that has not traditionally been kind to 30 year old + athletes, Federer has found a secret weapon to keep him in the game.

As Federer looks to make yet another comeback this time at 39 years of age, we will look to see if this secret weapon can once again bring him back to the top of the game.

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