Book Review: The Culture Code

Book: The Culture Code
Author: Daniel Coyle (2018)
Who is it For: Coaches / Leaders of High-Performance Teams

The Culture Code explores in detail some of the world’s most cohesive and successful teams including US Navy Seals, the hugely successful online retailer Zappos, and the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs.

The author provides a three-step framework for building a great culture, which includes:

  1. Building Safety
    Creating signals of connections within your teams, generating cues of belonging and identity.
  2. Sharing Vulnerability
    Creating habits of mutual risk that signal trust and cooperation.
  3. Establishing Purpose
    Building narratives that create and articulate shared goals and values.

The book is full of great stories, anecdotes, and examples of high-performance culture in action. This is a terrific read for anyone leading a team at any level.

My Favourite Excerpt:

Coyle breaks down the way Spurs Coach Greg Popovich delivers strong feedback to his athletes. He describes Popovich’s feedback as magical for it’s ability to be direct but warm. Coyle says Popovich’s feedback is along the lines of,

“I’m giving you these comments because I have a very high expectation and I know you can reach them.”

Coyle claims that this feedback communicates 3 separate but equally important cues to the receiver:

  1. You are part of this group
  2. This group is special; we have high standards here
  3. I believe you can reach those standards

What a tremendous framework for coaches and leaders to operate within to get the most out of their team.

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