Building Fun into Training Habits

As many athletes transition from their regular season and into off-season training, they’ll likely come face to face with one of the biggest mental barriers to high-performance: learning how to live with delayed gratification. Difficult tasks (like high performance athletic training) usually require a tough trade-off of having to do the work now, for aContinue reading “Building Fun into Training Habits”

Don’t Confuse Calmness with Complacency

Led by their world-class goaltender, Carey Price, the Montreal Canadiens just completed a 4-game series sweep of the Winnipeg Jets in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Price and his calm demeanor have been the subject of much discussion in the hockey world. Over the team’s last 7 wins, including 2 series clinching performances, Price has lookedContinue reading “Don’t Confuse Calmness with Complacency”

It All Starts with Control

To do extraordinary things, you will encounter and need to manage stress – this is an inescapable reality of high-performance. One of (if not the best way) to help manage stress, is to understand what is inside and outside of our control. To me, there are 4 things that are always inside of our control:Continue reading “It All Starts with Control”