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Book Review: The Culture Code

Book: The Culture CodeAuthor: Daniel Coyle (2018)Who is it For: Coaches / Leaders of High-Performance Teams Summary:The Culture Code explores in detail some of the world’s most cohesive and successful teams including US Navy Seals, the hugely successful online retailer Zappos, and the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs. The author provides a three-step framework for buildingContinue reading “Book Review: The Culture Code”


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Hi, I’m Kyle. A guy fascinated with the concept of high-performance both in sport and in life. I approach the concept of performance psychology from 3 unique places: first as a coach I experience the pursuit of excellence from the players I interact with. Second, as a “weekend-warrior” endurance athlete, I get to “practice what I preach” and try the methods I discover on myself. Finally, as a marketing executive I attack these concepts and content with an eye towards making it as easy to understand as possible – for myself and others. Hope you enjoy what I have to share.

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